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Sample anatomy relevant for DORN:


The Spinal Column as the core structure like the main highway in our body.

anatomy graphic

Side view and front view of the Spine: Double 'S' curved from the side and straight from front/back. 24 vertebrae column standing on the Sacrum.

spine graphic

The Human Sceleton a stable yet fragile structure that depends on alignment

sceleton graphic

Joint samples: Joints give us the possibility to move but can also contribute to a lot of problems if they are not properly aligned in their neutral position

joints graphic

Each of the vertebra has four Facet-Joints on the back-side

vertebrae graphic

The vertebral bodies are connected to each other with an intervertebral disc

vertebral body graphic

The Joints in the Spine can move in different directions

facet joint moment graphic

The Joints also can get misaligned in different directions

facet joint movement graphic

The Hip-Joint: Our 'weak' point because humans walk upright and no longer on all four which was the original design for this joint

hipjoint graphic

The Knee-Joint: This joint has a disc between the bones and often causes trouble when not properly aligned actually a very common condition

knee joint graphic

A healthy Joint: Cartilage covers the bones which are in congruence to each other. A capsule encloses the joint so the Joint fluid can nourish the Cartilage

joint details graphic

The Nervous System that connects the Brain to the rest of the Body depends on structural balance

nervous system graphic

The nerves are like information highways from the Brain to the rest of the body

nervous system graphic

nervous system graphic

The nerves in our body are like wires that run between muscles. Tension in the muscles can negatively influence the flow of signals in the nerve fibres

nervous system graphic

Our Muscular System that helps to hold all Joints of the Sceleton in position, but can also contribute towards Misalignments if it becomes chronically tensed up

muscular system graphic


Our skeleton should be symmetrical, harmonic and in a static-dynamic alignment equilibrium only then our body can be in a wholistic Balance and stay healthy or heal

structural balance graphic

The 7 Cervical vertebrae that form our neck must be in perfect alignment to ensure proper blood supply to our control organ: The Brain

neck nerves graphic

Important Nerves can be found around the neck and mandibular joint and when irritated can cause a variety of symptoms including migraine a.o.

neck nerves graphic

The Human Brain: Our central control organ.
Much research is been done on it and yet we know very little about its 'secrets'.
Some scientists suggest that our brain can even store the memory of pain and produce pain symptoms even there is no physiological cause.
We cannot just delete information in the brain we must over-write it in order to change the information there.

brain gif


Some more anatomy stuff:


Great Medical Animations:


Spinal muscles animation (video on youtube):


Spinal muscles animation 2 (video on youtube):


Very interesting but very graphic real human anatomy:

» The links contains excellent Educational Videos incl. relevant areas: Spinal Column, Hip and Thigh any many others

Warning: Graphic display of real human body anatomy do NOT watch if you or anyone present may be offended or disturbed by such images.



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NOTE: Never try to use the DORN Method on other people without proper training best conducted by an authorized DORN Method Instructor. Although the DORN Method and the Self Help Exercises are very safe if done correctly, the DORN practitioner is not responsible for any consequences resulting from the application during the manual session and Selfhelp exercises. In any case it is advised to consult your doctor first because health problems and back pains may have other causes than misaligned joints and vertebrae and should be checked by a trained medical doctor or other healthcare professional. The DORN Method has certain Limitations that must be cleared prior to any practical application! Remember: The DORN Method is NO Replacement for any other form of medical or non-medical treatment but it can be a very effective complement in an integrative medical system.

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